Premature Ejaculation Can Be Easily Treated

Guys living with premature ejaculation doesn’t have to be the death of you sex life. You are not the only one with this sexual disorder. In fact, many men face this same problem.

No matter what the causes of your early ejaculation we have a few solutions to help you overcome this problem and get back to fully satisfying your partner tonight. You should get really excited because you are going to be the man she’s been dreaming of being with.

If you think of this problem it will help you understand why we are giving you the solutions we are. PE is caused by over stimulation of the male genitals. Basically, you get too excited too fast. So how do you slow down the onset of sexual excitement.

Ever heard of Benzocaine? This is a completely safe substance that works to desensitize the skin. This allows for more stimulation over a longer period of time before you reach the point of excitement. Now this can be easily applied via a few different methods.

Here is a list of condoms with Benzocaine. Simply use them the same as any other rubber and you will notice that suddenly you are lasting longer than you did before.

Using this solution is possible without condoms as well. There are desensitizing sprays and creams that have benzocaine in them. For example, Enlast Delay Lubricant is a favorite among men. Simply massage the cream onto the genitals just prior to sex. And no need to worry as this won’t affect your female partner at all during sex.

These are just a couple of ways to ensure you last longer between the sheets. You can be the man she wants in bed tonight. To get more of these great tips be sure to check out